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Cablevision Peering Requirements
Operational Requirements
- Both parties shall operate an Network Operations Center manned 24 hours a day, 7 days a week,
    365 days a year.
- Potential peer must notify Cablevision in advance of any peering or technical contact changes.
- Both parties assume financial and provisioning responsibility for interconnection points on an
    alternating basis.
- Potential peer must be willing to enter into a Non-Disclosure Agreement.
- Potential peer must be willing to upgrade interconnection capacity within 90 days when peak usage
    has consistently, for a time period greater than 10 business days, surpassed 60% of any provisioned
    circuit's usable capacity.
- Potential peer must not be, or have been, an IP customer of, or any busines grade IP
    service, within 6 months of requesting a settlement-free peer.
Technical Requirements
- Potential peer must be able to demonstrate usage history with an aggregate peak average usage rate
    greater than 70 Megabits/s or sustain an average of 4.32 Terabits/day; bi-directionally.
    Whichever is applicable.
- Potential peer must not exceed a usage ratio of 3:1, in either direction for a period greater than 30 days,
    unless otherwise expressed and agreed to in writing.
- Potential peer must be willing to supply network information upon request.
- Potential peer must maintain consistent global routing announcements at all interconnections.
- Potential peer must honor metrics attached to routing announcements.
- Potential peer must demonstrate and enforce strict filtering policies to prevent improper announcements.
- Potential peer must possess backhaul capacity equal to, or greater than, the interconnection circuit.
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